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engl338 paper - Muhammad 1 Yusra Muhammad English 338...

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Muhammad 1 Yusra Muhammad English 338 Professor Beth Hardell 11/04/2010 The unchivalrous Beowulf The rain was splashing through the windows. It was a dark night and I could hear the people laughing and dancing in the pub next door. The loud thunder had made it impossible for me to fall asleep. The town was celebrating the arrival of the Great War hero, Beowulf. King Hrothgar wanted to make him feel at home, and thus had invited the whole village. I had never seen Beowulf before, but had heard that he was a brave warrior. The image people had portrayed of him in my mind was that of a strong man, precisely ‘A Godly figure’, but it seemed an unrealistic idea, someone too good to be true. My thoughts were disrupted with a loud thud, startled by the sudden sound of breaking glass and people yelling, I knew it was Grendel. . Grabbing my sword and armor, I rushed to the pub. As I walked in through the door, what I saw left me completely stunned. My throat was dry, and my hands were shaking when I first saw the grotesque. It looked worse than I had imagined, a tall strangely built monster. Half man and half beast, it was wildly eating human guts. Standing in front of the monster was Beowulf. This sight shocked me as I watched Beowulf, shaking with fear. Sword pointing towards the monster, his pale face showed no hope. Gathering courage I advanced towards the monster and struck him hard on his arm with my sword. Bleeding profusely, the monster left in rage throwing the head of one of the villagers he had just feasted on. More than half the people had fled, and the rest lay mutilated on the floor. Beowulf, still pale and shaking looked into my eyes. He knew his boasting days were over, and I felt proud of my bravery. I saw the sad tears roll down his eyes, his clothes all drooping with blood. Walking towards him, I gave him a hand; “Hello, I am Unferth, I live next door to this hall, and I heard all the noise and thus came to the rescue.” I said shaking his ice cold hands.
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Muhammad 2 “Oh! Yes, I have heard about you, but it seems as if you are not that famous anymore, and please call me Beowulf. Thanks for saving my life, but you know I could have dealt with the situation myself. I am just not myself today, with all the drinking and everything” he said, wiping off the blood smeared on his face. I was not sure how to respond to what he said then; I knew he seemed like a guy who would never admit to his faults, so I just played along. “Yes, I heard you are a very brave warrior. I think I will head back to my small house while you
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engl338 paper - Muhammad 1 Yusra Muhammad English 338...

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