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INTEREST GROUPS I. Interest groups A. Groups defined 1. Private organizations designed to affect public policy A. Parties v. Interest groups B. Check on the majority 1. Madison C. Benefits and costs 1. Benefits for group 2. Costs spread out over society II. Origins of interest groups A. Protecting economic interests B. Social movements 1. NAACP C. Government benefits 1. Veterans D. Responses to government regulation III. Role of Interest groups A. Provide greater access to citizens B. Affect desired changes in public policy C. Provide information to elected officials D. Provide funding for elections IV. Types of interests A. Business and trade groups B. Professional associations C. Organized labor D. Farm organizations E. Women groups F. Religious groups G. Public interest groups H. Single issue groups
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Unformatted text preview: I. Ideological groups J. Government lobbies V. Group membership A. Entrepreneurs 1. Creators leaders organizers B. Followers 1. Members C. Elite v. plural interests (326-327) D. Free riders VI Resources of Interest groups A. People B. Money C. Information VI. Lobbying A. Other methods of lobbying 1. Information 2. Letter writing 3. Demonstrations 4. Polling and Public Opinion 5. Campaign contributions a. PAC VII. Iron triangle A. Policy networks 1. Interaction in a common policy area among lobbyists, elected officials, staff personnel, bureaucrats, journalists, and private-sector experts. B. Revolving door C. Balancing group power 1. Punctuated equilibrium VIII. Politics and conflict A. Pluralism 1. Federalist #10 B. Adds to gridlock...
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PolSci-INTEREST_GROUPS - I Ideological groups J Government...

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