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PolSci-Studyguide_Final - Primary election(types of...

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POLITICAL SCIENCE 1 FINAL STUDY GUIDE Ideology Founding of US Government Constitution Congress Presidency Judiciary Bureaucracy Classical liberalism First Amendment Political socialization Influences on socialization Cues for socialization Funnel of causality Public opinion Randomness Survey errors Measuring public opinion Structure of public opinion Who interprets public opinion Types of surveys Political participation Types of political participation Halo effect Political culture California demographics Types of media Role of Media Free/paid media Media bias Band wagon effect Horse race Media and elections Nationalization of the news How news is covered Infotainment Media as interest group Party identification Political parties Third parties Why two political parties Proportional representation Single member districts Split ticket voting Types of primaries Critical election Deviating election Maintaining election General election
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Unformatted text preview: Primary election (types of primaries) Partisan/non partisan election Prospective/retrospective voting Reapportionment, redistricting, Gerrymandering Strategic voting, raiding Referendum, Initiative Direct, indirect democracy Turnout Hard/soft money Independent expenditures Candidate centered campaign Tasks of parties Rational party model Responsible party theory Three views of parties History of parties Party reform Dealignment California Parties Elections defined Nomination process Professionalism/careerism Campaign strategies Types of ballots Types of elections Systems of elections Voter in elections (demographics) Super delegates Types of interest groups Interest group defined Free rider Types of lobbying Campaign finance Iron triangle Baker v. Carr Pluralism Interest group resources Role of Interest groups...
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