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SCAN0003 - Fiu.1.4 «a w me am gamma.2 Anatomy(w my um my...

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Unformatted text preview: Fiu.1.4 «a w- me, am. gamma .2 Anatomy: (w my um my 13 Eqn. 2 (mama-m me wuwvm WWEES, I'm P20933533 women ‘ar iqvuuumma mm): Cilig) + e‘ --> C1153) ghioride ion 3 ‘3'“252232635‘33 Electron Chlorine; atom s22x22fl’35‘3pfi Does your atom prefer to gain or lose electrons? What is the charge of the resulting ion? What noble gas configuration does the ion have? Does your atom form a stable ion? vague Eqn 1 6/1/2009 Cweme lmmlw wmmfi, an FM 5.11mi mum: k): runwwmncv derby Nuts?) Sodi m mom i 5:2 The symbol (3? Page 13 Earn 3 )1 "‘4 Nan’} + e" Electron 1%,; Lo v i ) mdicates that the species is present in the gas phase. mega-s 7h: WWW! Confirm, Inc Famwanumixmd 90! momma a dam. Na{8> odium atom mm 3.3 + -—> WC: (3) Sodium chlorld CKg) Chlorine atom «KW-Hm comma rm. P21 w: mm (at WM 3 «my, ...
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