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SCAN0007 - J‘ Electron Pair Geometry Atoms LP Electron P...

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Unformatted text preview: J‘\ Electron Pair Geometry Atoms + LP Electron P Geometry tetrahedral trigonal linear % é. mam r m»; My ....“/\ WWW \ m 1am r- n mumai ancdhn’anM am * arm ram-msirk 3: Lu: Ix: diwte imimlfl. » r'zmm "Wm-rt md :Im mm c km 2: mm: «many I a: Ix Hybrldlzallon 3 50 sp2 Sp 5 m: mum-fig. m Pammm rsnwad mmmm ard‘spay ramm «Mm um Cw n 1va arms» k m pram: or m mu". warm m Warm w Mmflfl Convaheg m: I’lmnmn remnrm am rwmmn (x mm. swan-«es mu Fuunu‘la 6/1/2009 ...
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