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Brittney Brown November 15, 2010 Chem 3000/ References Campbell, Duncan; Radford, Tim. US scientists admit the truth- new discovery was an elementary fabrication. The Guardian . 2002, 3. (accessed November 10, 2010). Das, Saswato. There’s more of it than you think- Scientific fraud. International Herald Tribune. (accessed November 10, 2010). Davidson, Keay. Element 118 team seen as remiss/ Lawrence Berkeley researchers didn’t check
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Unformatted text preview: physicists data. San Francisco Chronicle . 2002, 13. (accessed November 10, 2010) Johnson, George. At Lawrence Berkeley, Physicists Says a Colleague took them for ride. New York Times. 2002, F-1. (accessed November 10, 2010). Schwarzschild, Bertram. Lawrence Berkeley Lab concluded that evidence of element 118 was a fabrication. Physics Today . 2002, 55, 15. (accessed November 10, 2010)....
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