Grignard - Brittney Brown Title: The Preparation of...

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Brittney Brown Due: 11-5-2009 Title: The Preparation of Triphenylmethanol from Methyl Benzoate Lab Partner: Chelsea Searels The purpose of this lab was to prepare the triphenylmethanol from methyl benzoate. In order to accomplish this, a Grignard reagent was prepared by allowing the ethereal solution of bromobenzene to react with magnesium. The ester methyl benzoate was treated with two equivalents of the Grignard reagent to form triphenylmethanol ( 1 ). The triphenylmethanol can be characterized by an infrared spectroscopy and melting point. Experimental Details: Table 1. List of Reagents/Reactants Substance Amount (g) Molecular Weight (g/mol) Mmol Density (g/mL) Boiling/Melting Point (°C) Magnesium ( 2 ) 1.003g 24.31 41.25 --- MP: 650 Anhydrous ether ( 3 ) 15mL 74.12 144 0.7134 BP: 34.6 Bromobenzene ( 4 ) 4.2mL 157.02 39.4 1.474 BP: 156 Hexane ( 4 ) 10mL 86 76.6 0.659 BP: 69 Sodium bicarbonate ( 4 ) 3.7mL --- --- --- --- Methyl benzoate ( 4 ) 2.5mL 136.14 20 1.09 BP: 199.6 MP: 78 Sulfuric acid ( 4 ) 3mL 136.15 40.5 1.84 BP: 337 1
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The lab was completed over a course of two weeks. In the first week, the organometallic reagent was made first by placing 1.003g of magnesium in a dry 100mL boiling flask. The apparatus for the Grignard reaction was quickly set up to eliminate detrimental factors such as
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Grignard - Brittney Brown Title: The Preparation of...

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