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SCAN0013 - Electrodes Chapter 15 Electrodes in Theory and...

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Unformatted text preview: Electrodes, Chapter 15 Electrodes in Theory and Practical Use -Reference and Working Electrode -|on Selective -pH Electrode An electrode is a Half Cell As a circuit is made and an electrochemical reaction takes place the measured potential across the whole cell is Emma. —- Em“ if one of these E’s is held constant. the other could be a measuring device z"\‘ A reference electrode is one whose potentialjs constant A working electrode (aka indicator electrode) is one whose potential changes based on some chemical property we wish to measure Working Electrodes . Three Types: - Inert electrodes : Pt, Au, C, Pd - Metal electrodes: Cu, Zn, Cav(metal of interest is used). - ion-selective electrodes (ISE){»pH, F-.~ N03- - Inert electrodes preferred in most experiments — Do not participate in the chemical reactions /‘"\ ...
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