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FinalProject - Brittney Brown Stat 3010 Final Project Stat...

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Brittney Brown Stat 3010 Final Project 4/29/09
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Stat 3010 Final Project: Analysis of Burnout in Medical Resident Residency is the critical component in medical training and professional development. The purpose of the analysis is to effectively communicate and describe the simultaneous importance and stress of the residency from the 1005 respondents. The objectives of the analysis were to: 1) Obtain descriptive statistics on each variable and investigate the distributions, 2) Examine the emotional exhaustion between different ages, 3) Estimate the mean number of hours worked in an average week of a random sample of n=20 residents using the confident interval theory and state whether the population mean of hours worked (for all N=1005) was captured by the estimated confidence interval. The analysis was complete using SAS 9.13 with graphics in both SAS and Minitab 15 1 . The source of the data was a Biology class lab data analysis project. The dataset came from a larger study examining the burnout rate in medical residents in otolaryngology. The dataset consisted of 13 variables 2 of differing characteristics of N= 200 medical residents. Table 1 shows an abbreviated portion of the data. The abbreviated names used in Table 1 are explained in Table 2.
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