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Today we will be performing descriptive statistics in Excel. Reasons: Descriptive statistics are meaningful in showing the central tendency and dispersion of datasets. In particular, there is great interest in medical resident’s work schedule and burnout. Dataset: I used the dataset entitled Resburnout from a previous class. The dataset comes from a larger study focusing on burnout in medical residents. The dataset consisted of gender, age, the number of on-call days in an average month, the number of nights/weekends worked in an average month, the number of hours of sleep in an average night, the number of hours worked in an average week, post-graduate year, and professional stressors.
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Unformatted text preview: Under the column labeled sex 0 represents males and 1 represents females. There were 199 residents that participated in the study. I have condensed the data to include only the variables I will examine. We will examine hours slept in an average month. Is there a difference in the average number of hours slept between males and females? Conclusion: The average number of hours slept were similar between males and females. Next, we will create be performing the same function in Excel using the Widgeone data examining years on the job and gender. Is there a difference in the average number of years on the job between males and females?...
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