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Review for Test 3 AP1 - Review for Test#3 Review for Test#3...

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Unformatted text preview: Review for Test #3 Review for Test #3 ……hiding easter eggs !!!! Page one Page one Stages of sleep and what happens in each and what they do for ya……. Muscles…identify on pictures. Where the various areas of function are in the brain Define their location in regards to landmarks on the brain..gyri, sulci, fissures, etc Muscle physiology… atp creatine ach etc Page 2 Page 2 When Neurons Fire……… Chemically and electrically Actin and myosin interactions Muscle recruitment, tetany, Max stimulus, treppe etc Synapse…structure and function Page 3 Page 3 Types and characteristics of nerve potentials….. Types of cells in the neural system How each one of those cells acts and their role in the CNS What is a Z disc? Parts of a neuron and what they do? Page 4 Page 4 CNS vs PNS what are the difference between the two….. Where motor neurons live in the cord and where the sensory input is in the cord and the dorsal root ganglia. The layout of the spinal cord and brain What the Hypothalamus does…… Parts of the brain Page 5 Page 5 Spastic vs Flaccid Paralysis Neurotransmitter……what are they and how do they work and where they come from ...
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