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Test Number 2 AP 1

Test Number 2 AP 1 - Test Number 2 AP 1 Test Number 2 AP 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Test Number 2 AP 1 Test Number 2 AP 1 REVIEW ITEMS AP 1 Review AP 1 Review Skin and structures of the skin Pathological things that can happen to the various structures Fcn of every type of cell that we discussed in the skin Bone and its structure..microscopic and macroscopic Fractures Types and fcn of each type of cartilage Spinal nomenclature Skeletal nomenclature AP1 Review #2 AP1 Review #2 Skull bones and their nomenclature Holes in the skull and their contents Joints and their structure….esp. synovial joints Ligaments about the knee ROM of each joint Important ligamentous structures (named in class) Types of Arthritis Appendicular skeletal parts discussed in class STUDY WELL!!! STUDY WELL!!! Need a pencil and your brain! Get plenty of sleep before the test!! ...
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