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Powerpoints - Anatomy of the GI tract(Digestive...

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Unformatted text preview: Anatomy of the GI tract (Digestive System) (Digestive On models and the dissected cat Mouth and Neck Mouth Labia Vestibule Oral Cavity Tongue Hard Palate Soft Palate Teeth (dental formula) Uvula Salivary Glands Mouth and Neck (cont) Mouth Parotid Sub lingual Sub Mandibular Oropharynx Esophagus Stomach Stomach Lesser Curvature Greater Curvature Lesser Omentum Stomach Stomach Rugae Cardiac region Fundus Body Pylorus Small Intestine (small bowel) Small Duodenum Retroperitoneal along Retroperitoneal with Pancreas with Becomes Jejunum Becomes when it exits the retroperitoneal space retroperitoneal More Small bowel pics More Pancreas Pancreas ALPHA cells synthesize and secrete GLUCAGON BETA cells synthesize and secrete INSULIN Pancreas Pancreas Jejunum Jejunum It begins where the It duodenum ends and the ileum starts the Small Bowel Small Xray of small bowel Xray Colon Colon Haustra Caecum/Ileocaecal Caecum/Ileocaecal valve valve Appdx Colon-ascending Colon-ascending transverse descending sigmoid sigmoid Ileocecal Valve (jct) Ileocecal Haustra Haustra Just so you know Just Hepatic Flexure Splenic Flexure Bout near killed em!!!! Bout Sigmoid Colon Rectum Valves of Houston Pelvic floor Anus Liver Liver Right Lobe Left Lobe Bile ducts Bile Cystic duct Gallbladder Common Hepatic Common duct duct Common Bile duct Duodenal Papilla and Duodenal sphincter of Oddi sphincter Common Pancreatic Common Duct Duct Mesentery Mesentery Greater Greater Omentum Omentum Lesser Lesser Omentum Omentum Mesocolon Mesocolon Mesentery and Arcades Mesentery Structure of arcades Structure Arcades and Mesentery Arcades Small bowel free graft for esophageal cancer and excision and replacement excision Jejunum Tracheostomy Your tasks today Your Find everything in your kinkos guide. On the cat don’t find: Pancreas On Pancreas Fill out your checkout sheet. Thanks ………… ...
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