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Blood and its Components

Blood and its Components - Blood and its Components Blood...

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Unformatted text preview: Blood and its Components Blood So……your job So……your Look at slides Do Hematocrit lab Do blood typing lab Formed Elements Formed WBC’s Granulocytes and Nongranulated Granulocytes are eosinophils neutrophils and basophils Non gran are Lymphocytes and Monocytes Platelets Granulocytes Granulocytes Neutrophil Cool blue Phagocytosis Bacteria etc Granulocytes Granulocytes Basophil Blue Large blue granules Histamine and Heparin Mediators of allergy Granulocytes Granulocytes Eosinophil Reddish granules Histamine and allergic reactions WORMS and PARASITES NON Granulocytes NON Lymphocytes B and T cell Cell mediated immunity Non Granulated Non Monocytes Phagocytes Non cellular elements Non Platelets From Megakaryocytes “Stop Leak” Percentage of appearance Percentage Never Let Monkeys Eat Bananas Blood tests Blood Hematocrit CBC (complete blood count) WBC Diff (differential by percent of WBC’s) Sed Rate Bleeding time PT PTT 55% 1% 45% Only one part of diagnosis Only Blood types Blood Rh Factor Rh So……your job So……your Look at slides Do Hematocrit lab Do blood typing lab Your Hematocrit lab Your Take the sheep blood Put in pipette (2) Block the end with clay Bring to me at the centrifuge Do 2 pipettes I will return to your group after centrifugation Measure percentage (hct) and record 55% 1% 45% Blood typing lab Blood Put “patients blood” in 3 wells of the plate Add Anti A Anti B and Anti Rh (these are antibodies against these antigens if they are present) Stir with toothpick (don’t contaminate the wells) Look for precipitation (agglutination) ...
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