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Membrane Transport lab 3

Membrane Transport lab 3 - Membrane Transport Lab 3...

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Unformatted text preview: Membrane Transport Lab 3 diffusion etc…. Diffusion Process that we know of intuitively of the equalization of substances in a liquid or gas What are the variables… Molecular size Molecular weight Time Molecular Size Larger is slower Smaller is faster Experiment with Agar plate Two compounds One heavy one light Measure over time how fast they diffuse….. Faster smaller Bigger slower Diffusion thru a membrane Perfume Soccer net Plastic sheet Diffusion/Membrane characteristics Permeable/Impermeable Size of Molecule Perfume vs soccer ball Complex carbohydrate (starch) is BIG Glucose is small Dialysis membrane Soccer net ­Membrane Soccer ball ­­­what will happen Baseball­­­­­­what will happen? Soccer ball is big So it will not diffuse thru the membrane Starch will not diffuse thru membrane Glucose is small (baseball) so it will go thru the membrane by diffusion…. Everything travels down concentration gradient!!! Sacs are filled with ….. Same stuff Bigger stuff Smaller stuff Osmosis and diffusion working together…………. Plan for today Plan for this lab You have essentially 2 labs to do. One takes several minutes and requires periodic evaluation and measurement One takes a LOT of time and effort Start the one that is the simplest first and then the other one later. Measure the first one while you are waiting for the other one to progress. Tie (or clip) this tightly Remember you need to be able to get back into these sacs Tie (or clip) this before filling Fill with funnel and wash between usage Make sure the sac is covered in beaker fluid Make a Chart and record your results…… I need to see that before you leave today ...
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