Spinal Cord, Eyes and Ears nervous system two

Spinal Cord, Eyes and Ears nervous system two - Spinal...

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Unformatted text preview: Spinal Cord, Eyes and Ears Spinal Peripheral nerves and sensory Peripheral organs……….. organs……….. Spinal Cord Spinal Conus Medullaris Filum Termiale Cauda Equina Spinal Nerves Spinal Spinal Cord Spinal Conus Medullaris Cauda Equina Filum Terminale Cross sectional spinal anatomy Cross Plexuses Phrenic Nerve Phrenic Median Nerve Median Wrist Flexors Thenar eminence Thenar muscles muscles Carpal Tunnel Carpal syndrome syndrome Ulnar Nerve Ulnar Intrinsic Intrinsic hand muscles muscles Ulnar flexors of hand Ulnar and wrist and “funny bone” nerve at funny the cubital tunnel the Radial Nerve Radial Sensory Sensory to the back of the hand and forearm forearm Wrist extensors and Wrist hand and finger extensors extensors Lumbar and Sacral Plexus Lumbar Femoral Nerve Sciatic Nerve Femoral Nerve Femoral Ant Ant thigh Quadriceps muscle Quadriceps Sciatic Nerve Sciatic Avoid injections Tibial and peroneal Tibial divisions divisions Everything post plus Everything below the knee below Eye Anatomy Eye EYE MOVEMENT EYE Eye Innervation Eye 2 optic 3 Oculomotor 4 Trochlear 6 Abducens Abducens Any questions?....doh! ...
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