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Unformatted text preview: Welcome to Anatomy & Welcome to Anatomy & Physiology 2221 Saunders Jones Jr. MD BIOLOGY 2221 DROP ­ ADD DROP ­ ADD NO…I can’t change anything…. Just so you know, the Dept of Biology and Physics does not allow its professors to do overrides or Waiting lists or any other type of registration manipulation in regards to the classes. We have found that statistically, if students will use the Drop Add system as if they were really intensely interested in getting a class, that it works as designed. If there is problem that cannot be solved by intensely using the DROP ADD period, in which there are usually large fluxes in the student participation in classes, then you can bring that to the attention of the head of the Department……..Good luck with your efforts.. Anatomy and Physiology Anatomy and Physiology Housekeeping Housekeeping Syllabus and info is on line Lab starts August 15th Book is Marieb 8th edition updated (consider the loose leaf version its cheaper) Lab is custom edition http://ksu­ap.kennesaw.edu/ Office number 337 3rd floor Science building Office hours are by appt. email !! Biology 2221 Biology 2221 Email : [email protected] Syllabus and chapter outlines are on my website Web address: www.science.kennesaw.edu/~sjones12/ www.mariebmap.com www.MYA&P.com Grades ­ 4 exams ­ multiple guess/T/F/matching…..scantron Bonus points Questions…….3pts final average Biology 2221 Bonus Questions Biology 2221 Bonus Questions Optional Test Questions for extra credit (BONUS) Submit by email All multiple choice, matching ,T/F, etc. with what you think is the right answer. You may submit questions to be included on the test, i.e.. Each chapter you submit 2 questions of your choice. These will be included as part of you final grade by adding 3 points to your final average. They should be useful questions and well thought out and NOT BS questions but what you think is important to be tested over. Biol 2221 Biol 2221 Not going to take attendance You are adults…and will be expected to act like adults….and will be treated with the respect of another adult You will be expected to keep up with changes in schedule etc that will be announced in class Please be punctual…..Lectures will start on TIME!!!!! (the O.R. starts on time!!!) If you get here late, try to catch up after lecture I love EMAIL!!!!!!! Class Deportment and Class Deportment and Behavior On time CLASS WILL START AT 8AM With or without you With or without you ­ ­ ­U2, "With or Without You" Act as adult Quiet , courteous etc. Please ask questions if you don’t understand or something is not that clear If you don’t “get it” Odds are some other people didn’t either READ AHEAD!!!!!!!I talk too fast and you won’t be able to keep up if you are writing…this is a LOT of material!!! All the powerpoints are on my website!! Lombardi Time states "Show up for every important business meeting 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled meeting time." The idea is to use the 15 minutes to catch your breath, collect your thoughts. – The great Hall of Fame football coach of the Green Bay Packers, Vince Lombardi, invented a strategy that he recommended to his coaches and players. It came to be known as "Lombardi Time," and it embodies a valuable habit. Withdrawal Policy has Withdrawal Policy has changed!! NEW WITHDRAWAL POLICY EFFECTIVE FALL 2004 Students may withdraw from one or more courses anytime before the last three weeks of the semester. However, as of fall 2004, students will be allowed a maximum of eight total withdrawals if they enter KSU as a freshman. Transfer students will be allowed one withdrawal per fifteen credit hours attempted, for a maximum of eight. Students who choose to pursue a second degree at KSU will be allowed two additional withdrawals. Students who entered KSU before the fall of 2004 will be allowed one withdrawal per fifteen credit hours attempted for a maximum of eight. To withdraw the student should complete an official withdrawal form in the Office of the Registrar. Students who officially withdraw from courses on or before the last day to withdraw without academic penalty will receive a "W". Students who officially withdraw after the last day to withdraw without academic penalty (and before the last three weeks of the semester) will receive a "WF", which will be counted as an "F" in calculation of their grade point average. The only exceptions to these withdrawal regulations will be for instances involving unusual circumstances, which are fully documented. Students may appeal to the academic standing committee for consideration of unusual circumstances. Heads up about grades and Heads up about grades and passing……. UPCC approved the new policy for prerequisites in College of Science and Mathematics coursework. Effective Fall 2006, students will need a grade of C or better in the prerequisite course(s) to enroll in most CSM courses (excluding those used to meet General Education requirements). So you need to make a C in this course before you can take 2222 More STUFF More STUFF Not a prerequisite for Biology majors Monday and Wednesday 8:00 am Marieb (8th ed) 4 multiple choice tests Last test is the final….. And it IS cumulative Attendance (you are adults) BUT you will have a difficult time making a good grade if you don’t come to class…guaranteed!!!! www.mariebmap.com SYLLABUS AND NOTES ON LINE www.science.kennesaw.edu/~sjones12 http://ksu­ap.kennesaw.edu/ Syllabus, Notes, and Syllabus, Notes, and Schedule ON LINE!!!! http://science.kennesaw.edu/~sjones12 Click on Fall 2008 htm Go directly to my website, or go thru the server at science Biology page There are multiple links on the Biology Dept web page http://www.MyAandP.com http://science.kennesaw.edu/biophys/ ……All the notes are there. If you have any IT issues, email me http://spaces.msn.com/sjonesjrmd/ Facebook.com Biol 2221 Biol 2221 Don’t stretch the envelope of academic integrity When you are in that clinical room all by yourself….that is where the rubber meets the road!!! DON’T CHEAT..I hate it when that happens I’m not as dumb as I look! Biol 2221 Biol 2221 Nursing Interest Health and Exercise Physiology NOT BIOLOGY MAJORS You must take the lab as well Sorry about the disconnect The only place in the Nursing curriculum that you get normal anatomy and physiology You will be expected to have made a “C” or better to move on to 2222 https://portal2.kennesaw.edu/pls/portal92/APP_SNO IF WE HAVE BAD IF WE HAVE BAD WEATHER.. Cell Phones Cell Phones Think about how you would act in church. ..maybe not yours, but somebody else's church… Please put phones on Vibrate or Silent… Take all the calls outside. I Can’t Remember all of you!!! I Can’t Remember all of you!!! Proctologist Please remind me of your name when we talk Anything you think is REAL important, use EMAIL I have looked at EVERYBODY’S academic record!!! Most of you are academically quite capable If you want me to remember you, sit down front and pay attention!! You may need a letter of recommendation some day and if I don’t know who you are…..well Who is this Crazy S.O.B.?..... Who is this Crazy S.O.B.?..... UNIVERSITY of GEORGIA UNIVERSITY of GEORGIA (BS) MY MEDICAL SCHOOL MY MEDICAL SCHOOL (and Residency) Fellowship in Hand and Fellowship in Hand and Microsurgery Universal symbol for marriage Biology 2221 Biology 2221 SERIOUSLY……. MD (not PhD) Orthopedic Surgeon 20 Years Private Practice I want to bring you relevance I want SMART nurses and hps folks Not a nurse!!! me WHY ARE YOU HERE!?? WHY ARE Why should you learn this really complicated and DRY memory s*&# %? (substitute the term of your choice) 37 Year Old Male in ER MVA Fx Femur Skull Fx/facial fxs Concussion Mild ARDS Hematuria Pneumothorax 2 Fx ribs Nursing Plan Nursing Plan Foley Catheter I and O Chest tube IVF @ 100cc Hr D5NS c 20 Meq of KCL Central Line care S/P IM Rod femur O2 to keep sat greater than 90% Neuro checks q2h Cranial nerves (basilar skull Fx) Airway precautions (facial fxs) NV checks for femur orif More nursing duties… More nursing duties… VS q 1 Hr and prn Ted Hose SCD Pneumovac Pulse ox Ekg Cxr Lab H&H ABG H&H Urinalysis SMA 7 (Na K CL CO2 BUN creat) CPK MB enzymes You HPS Folks…… You HPS Folks…… 18 y.o. comes to you with calf pain after a workout…. 26 y.o marathon runner collapses during training….. 35 y.o. weight lifter ruptures his biceps tendon……. 45 y.o. has chest pain on the treadmill during a workout…… Your football client has just been informed by the team doctor he needs surgery for his sprained ankle……….. Your client has been told he must stop playing football because of his cervical central canal stenosis………….. Emphasize… what I say in Emphasize… Class Notes are there for a guideline to follow If we cover it in class it’s fair game I will review before every exam to give you an idea what to study (the reviews are at my website) You will need to master this material for your future career…..guaranteed!!!!!!!!!! If you miss some of this…people may die……..its important stuff!! Biology 2221 Biology 2221 This is a lot of material …..…a “kick your tail” course You must study daily! READ AHEAD Daily lecture outlines are on the web at my website I talk too fast to get it all down…which is why you have the notes already!!!!!!! It’s a LOT OF It’s a LOT OF INFORMATION!! AP one is mainly vocabulary and terminology If you understand the word and what it means then you are a LONG way towards understanding the material The BOOK is an encyclopedia….use it like one… The online material (course compass and MYA&P.com) is REALLY VERY GOOD PRACTICE FOR THE EXAMS. “Do you want to supersize that?” All you had to do to get this course is think that you might want to pursue health care as a career SOME OF YOU AREN’T GONNA MAKE IT……. Its not that you are stupid, just not as smart as some other folks Biol 2221 Biol 2221 My Goals Biology 2221­My Plan for this Biology 2221­My Plan for this Course for YOU I hate BS for BS sake I will try to put emphasis on what I think you need for practical application and for use in your clinical future Pig in the well……. You HPS people…you need this as well even though you don’t know you do!!! Lab starts today Don’t miss lab!!!! Biol 2221 …..My Goals Biol 2221 …..My Goals Everybody makes an “A” Everybody gets into Nursing School (or whatever)….. All the HPS folks make at least a “C” This never happens………………. This happens all the time………….. FOOD SERVICE FOOD SERVICE CALLS…….. Biol 2221 Biol 2221 I know…… it’s not going to happen CONSTANT STRUGGLE Recreation vs. Education I know its Fall !! I know its Fall !! Please study……I don’t flunk you, you flunk yourselves…. Its really hard and you can’t cram…its gotta be learned every day!!! BIOL 2221 BIOL 2221 You must keep up and pay attention You need to learn a new language as well as new information and it is NOT EASY! Memory Skills­ drawings, Memory Skills­ drawings, poems, songs, etc…….. Thoughts on A&P I Thoughts on A&P I We must keep things in balance!!! F.A.Q. F.A.Q. I am a bastard and a SOB Once you get that out of the way……..everything gets easier…. I “talk too fast” “There is too much material” “Nobody ever passes this class” “the tests should be easier” “We should have more tests” “We should have more opportunity to bring up our grade” Use the internet/library Use the internet/library Links and pics on my web page!!!! BIOL 2221 BIOL 2221 Look on the web for help…. Use the book as reference I recommend another source…..I like the coloring book and the study guide There are some links on the Biology web page READ AHEAD!!! Biol 2221 Biol 2221 Book has relevant questions and homework after every chapter I will try to emphasize in lecture those points that will make a difference in: Your test content Your future useful knowledge I hate teaching stuff that you won’t use!!! Famous words……. Famous words……. I'm just a soul whose intentions are good, Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood. ­ ­ ­ Joe Cocker, "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" My intent is not to offend but to impress and imprint!!!! Wisdom……. Wisdom……. I can only lay out the knowledge from which you can obtain information That information becomes a tool When combined with experience.. ……equals Wisdom ANY QUESTIONS?..... ANY QUESTIONS?..... ...
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