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SCAN0010 - Fr Ox b 4 A 10 kg block is placed on a 25 degree...

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Unformatted text preview: Fr Ox- b- 4. A 10 kg block is placed on a 25 degree inclined plane and friction keeps it from sliding down the plane. The coefficient of static friction between the mass and the plane is 0.60 and the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.50. a. (5 points) What is the magnitude of the friction force in this situation? b. (5 points) What is the minimum amount of force pushing on the block, parallel to the plane, required to start the block moving down the plane? 0. (5 points) Once the block is moving, what is the magnitude of the friction force? d. (5 points) Assume the force required in part b is continuously applied to the block. What is the acceleration of the block as it moves down the plane? 3\ 7N 4% n Mame ~ $520 $5: became =. tocqsa M15 Illinml 9 u '59; 9+M3WQ~9¢3=O N—MQ§MG ‘—'—‘ D ““3 '% $32M5MCBWS :0 P = Msmcbbe/AS ~ Mao/Cm e =W3Wam9“mei p: \Q(q.<g)(®.em25 —/A»\'M “1‘63 (32 HHM ‘QK 2 MK mac/94% '-'—‘ 0.500quhCfi07—5 ...
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