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SCAN0008 - 55;;ch to m mmv am he vaé‘a'm mum m Wm 9...

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Unformatted text preview: 6/1/2009 55;»;ch to m mmv am. he. vaé‘a'm mum m Wm 9/ Wm (:01:va mus W5’wI-wi Camp‘m m. Mmum WM m twain-101 «downy s orbital xp3 orbital In—phase oveglap 0' s and Sp5 w] M»; mm- :lrvmn en; w‘ mam“ m mm mama“ M mm: elm- cm-xw. mm mama; Gomwwsz m. Fem-Luci :Lcum u. wwxmyabon a- damn. ‘ I,Gaim: mmv , from yuu , marawm mammals. m: fies-mum viewed m remmnm «away. Coming 1’ inward yau Ha [ha plume ‘ l , . 1 V m . I: paper 5P3 011nm 5,13 orbual ln-phase over ap of / \[mhc plan: two 31.73 0113mm ohm: paper mg 2.15 Dunn»: same Mann->41: Compaph m. szgm vequ :7: :apqu\ av daze; H mm- (a Cunpam ,- z / / / ...
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