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SCAN0011 - Naming NamingAlkanes IUPAC nomenclature 2,112.15...

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Unformatted text preview: Naming NamingAlkanes: IUPAC nomenclature 2,112.15 1) Largest Ring (Jr-Longest Chain determines Parent Name (Table 2.2) List substituents not part of ring or chain Number Carbons in Ring or Chain: 8) Chains, from the End Nearest: i) 151 branch (if lied, then 2nd branch; if tied, then , ) ii) subsfituentearliest alphabetically: 2.14 b) For Rings: l) lowest sum of position numbers ii) substituent earliest alphabetically assigned 1 Write Position Number, Name Substituents in Alphabetical Order and Parent Name as One Word Have I: am. 2 Ceeyv'pyr. 4': the magmas :mnnmes. w. 96mm“. mum: Iot :upoduul'ut xx Ma,- Cl} 13 CH3CH2CH3- CHKCH-s 0r (CthCH i’mpyl group l-Methylethyi group common name: mpmpyt) (common name: isopmpyl) Page 75 Eu". 4 "Wfllnflt fi'mi; Mnflflw— 115 Onimnim. Eric Puttl'laetutl ”cunt” k): wwmku‘m u: :hfius'j. (EH; EH1. 6113:: — Ol‘ (an1 93c CH y 1.1-Dimuhyluxhyl gmp (common name: serx-bulyl) I marl-mar or (magma-12— Z-Methylprupyl gmu p {mmmen name: ienhmyl) 6/1/2009 we; - «amino» admin. ' = me my! gum 5mm ms: 3 (Sharing! as. a subsfiwtad Wfiifw gram imam. , _ (Jufiwcurt. , , , any m; w will: 1!» at Ls: Lia; 5099mm swim in m; big-sewn M 5511!! my in my x it a mmlwmaw mm :51: a mmfiw my wimxwtcamsgmclm m» ‘ ' , , ‘ _ ‘ ‘ in :m Mathews more“ b L»: - m: arm Elma i». a Limmwm-iavwflwfmuy mmvgqtéim mm :Mndatnmn n no» 1, _ _ { Page 75 tan a cwwxx a The \‘kG’MHE canpenm,lm.1=rmssi:a mm by (moduwon 0' «we», CH3 1 CHSCH2CH.— 3 ” l H3CH-2CH2CH2 m l-Methylpropyi group (common name: sec-butyl Butyl gmup (common name: n—butyl) P119: 15 hp. l :wyrguemg mamwumnmm mt; ”gvmlssinu wad haw/mm ”(highly H 1 Military C Secondary C , Tertinr; l // career: I 1/ carbon 3 // €51!an m ( My Ci? C W i: “— H H C Primary alkyl group Sacondaly alkyl gmup 'I’crtiary alkyl group ...
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