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SCAN0025 - ,r‘ However the mole fraction i_s molecule per...

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Unformatted text preview: ,r‘\ However, the mole fraction i_s molecule per molecule. Remember X ? 1ft have 80 mL of ethanol (density 0.785g/mL) and add '20 mL ol‘water (density is 1.00 g/rnL}. What is the mole fraction. moiarity, molality and % w/W of water in ethanol? What is the finat volume? Parts per million mea 2 ppm mass of solut10n(g) Aslong as the density of the solvent is similar to water, as in tap water, we can say mg/L is also ppm. But if it is sea water we can’t use mg/L for seawater. Followup 13.3. 1.3.4 and 13.5 M on the board see page 533 for answers. 13.6 Colligative Properties When a solute is added to a pure solvent, the solution produced has different properties compared to the pure solvent. These properties are called Colligative properties and are only dependent on the number of solute particles per solvent molecule and not on the identity of the solute. Properties that change: 1. vapor pressure 2. freezing point ...
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