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SCAN0036 - Colloids are intermediate between a solution and...

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Unformatted text preview: Colloids are intermediate between a solution and a suspension. They don’t settle but they are cloudy too. Dispersed Dispersed [gypgafl Example Phase In . H . Solid Solid Solid Sol alloys Solid Liquid Sol mud Solid Gas Aerosol smoke Liquid Solid Gel cheese Liquid Liquid Emulsion milk Liquid Gas Aerosol clouds Gas Solid Foam Marshmallow Gas Liquid Foam whipped cream Gas Gas N/A ' N/A The Tyndall effect: due to their size colloidal particles scatter Visible light Colloids can either be hydrophobic or hydrophilic. Hydrophobic means water—fearing and would indicate a colloid that has weak to no attractive forces for water. Hydrophilic means water—loving and would indicate a colloid that has strong attractive forces for water. Colloids carry a charge that is they are not neutral molecules in general. Emulsions are kept suspended by emulsifying agents which stabilize the colloidal dispersion. ...
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