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Test II Study Guide Fall 2010 History 2112 M/W Hight The test will cover 1920’s/Great Depression and New Deal 1930’s/ Pre and Post WWII America/1950’s and Cold War America Study Power-points, Read documents and study video notes 1. Know the effects of the Cold War on the US Culture. 2. How did civil rights effect the Democratic party after WWII 3. How did the expansion of automobiles and effect our culture. 4. What is Consumerism and its effects on 1950’s America. 5. How did Mexicans Americans, Asian Americans and African Americans response to the call of duty for WWII. 6. What was the Manhattan Project? 7. How did the War affect Labor? 8. How did it effect factory production in the country? 9. What was the job of the OPA and the WPB? 10. What was the Zoot-Suit riot? 11. How did American respond to Pearl Harbor in regards to Japanese Americans and German Americans. 12. How was Racial tensions increased during the War?
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