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Final Exam Guide - Final Exam Study Guide Disclaimer: This...

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Final Exam Study Guide Disclaimer: This is a guide only and is not guaranteed to be complete. To prepare for IT 103 final exam, go over the reading assignments, lab case studies, and lecture notes. Lecture 6: Systems Analysis 1. System development life cycle a. Waterfall model i. Problem identification ii. Feasibility iii. System analysis iv. System design v. Implementation vi. Test 1. Unit testing 2. System testing vii. Conversion 1. Direct 2. Phased 3. Parallel viii. Maintenance 2. Prototyping a. Iteration 3. System analyst a. Duties b. Skills and qualities Chapter 7: Computer Programming 1. Computer Programming a. Machine language b. High level languages c. Source code d. Interpreter vs. compiler 2. System Development Life Cycle i. Problem definition and analysis ii. Program design iii. Coding iv. Testing v. Implementation
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vi. Maintenance vii. Pseudocode viii. Program design paradigms 1. structure programming 2. object-oriented programming ix. Software testing 1. syntax 2. logical 3. Data Structure a. Arrays b. Queue c. Stack 4. Logic a. sequence b. Iteration i. Loop 5. Programming a. issues i. Syntax errors ii. Logic errors b. languages i. syntax ii. Machine language iii. Assembly language iv. Fortran v. Cobol vi. Pascal vii. C viii. C++ ix. C# x. Java Chapter 8: Data and information, database and SQL 1. Database a. Data vs. Information b. Relational database i. Most common type of a database c. Entity-relationship (ER) diagram 2. Database Management Systems (DBMS)
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Final Exam Guide - Final Exam Study Guide Disclaimer: This...

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