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LECTURE SLIDES For those interested in having a copy of an outline of the lecture slides, they will be posted here, at least 1 day before class whenever possible. They are saved in PowerPoint 97-03 format, so any version of PowerPoint from 1997 forward should be able to open them. PRINTING THE SLIDES: If you are going to print the slides out, please consider printing a “handout” version, so that each slide does not take up an entire page. To do this, open the print window, and toward the bottom left of the Print box that opens, find the “Print what:” command – choose “Handouts” from the drop-down menu, and then specify how many slides you want on each page in the “Handouts” part of the Print box (toward the bottom middle of the Print box). If you choose ‘3’ slides per page, you will have lines next to each
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Unformatted text preview: slide, where you can take notes. USING THE SLIDES: However you choose to print the slides, I recommend having additional paper during lecture. For some slides, there will sometimes be much more information than is on the outline. Also, PLEASE do not simply fill in your print-out with the additional information written on the slides in class. PAY ATTENTION to what is being discussed, and take notes on what is being said. Take enough notes to understand the material – there is no need to take down every word that is said, but it is also not enough to simply copy down the information on the class slides. One final note: consider writing down the examples that are used during lecture. It is often these examples that will help you fully understand the concept being discussed....
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