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Reaction Paper due 9-15 - they reflect one of the 3 major...

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Reaction Paper due 9-15-09 @ 9am Your task is to think of a psychologically relevant question to answer using the research methodology we covered in lecture and recitation. As a psychologically relevant question, your paper must focus on the behavior or thought processes of another individual or animal. Furthermore, you should use the scientific method in order to answer your question. Hence, you must form one or more hypotheses explaining this behavior and a method in which to test it through the collection of relevant data. How you go about testing your one or more hypotheses is immaterial, so long as
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Unformatted text preview: they reflect one of the 3 major methods of psychological data collection and are appropriate for the question you asked. Thus, you must spend most of your response arguing how you will test your hypothesis and why it is appropriate (i.e., how it answers your question). Only give me a brief description of the question you intend to answer. Clearly, you can feel free to go over a page, but I don’t believe you can answer this question in less than a page adequately. A guideline is then to make your paper 1 page, double spaced with 1” margins....
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