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Reaction Paper due 9-22

Reaction Paper due 9-22 - How you go about answering this...

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Reaction Paper due 9-22-09 @ 9am Your task is to look through recent news reports about research related to the brain or nervous system in order to find a story that piques your interest (this story should be from the last 10 years ). Based on this news story or report, you will be expected to write about how you perceive the relevance of this research to a] yourself and b] policy makers and society-at-large. Research on the brain takes many forms, for instance findings related to the effects of drugs on neural phenomena (neurotransmitter levels, fMRI scans), brain regions being linked behavior (i.e., finding a “happiness” area on the brain) or research on nerve or nerve-related diseases (Polio and Parkinson’s, for instance, are nervous system-degenerative diseases). Any of these subjects, among others relevant to the brain or nervous system, are applicable content.
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Unformatted text preview: How you go about answering this question is less a concern than the content and reasoned opinion reflected therein. A good response will spend time a] going over what it is that was found, b] relating these findings to potential individual benefit (or arguing why these findings are largely irrelevant), and c] arguing why these findings could benefit society and policy makers such as public health advisers to governmental bodies (or, again, arguing for their irrelevance). As always, feel free to go over a page, but I don’t believe you can answer this question in less than a page adequately. A guideline is then to make your paper 1 page, double spaced with 1” margins, 11 or12 point font (times new roman or arial preferred). Please feel free to email me about this paper with specific questions.- joe...
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