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Reaction Paper due 9-29

Reaction Paper due 9-29 - b policy makers and society As is...

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Reaction Paper due 9-29-09 @ 9am This week the overarching subject was consciousness, perception and sleep vs. wakefulness. Consciousness is an interesting topic because it takes on so many manifestations—dreaming, hypnosis, Freudian theory (id vs. ego vs. superego), subliminal advertising, automatic/uncontrollable thought processes (e.g., gestalt principles)—and so forth. For the coming week, the reaction paper will be more self- directed. More specifically, you must pick some topic (from the list above or otherwise) that centers around consciousness vs. sleep vs. the unconscious mind and comment on your perceptions of its validity (i.e., do you believe it’s scientifically worthwhile) and/or its usefulness to society-at-large and yourself day-to-day. You may look through recent news reports about research related to these subjects or pick a topic covered in lecture, lab or the text. Just keep in mind that you will be expected to write about how you perceive the relevance of this research to a] yourself and
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Unformatted text preview: b] policy makers and society. As is the theme with these papers, how you go about answering this question is less a concern than the content and reasoned opinion reflected therein. A good response will spend time a] briefly introducing the idea, b] outlining evidence supporting or invalidating the psychological phenomenon, and/or c] relating these findings to potential individual benefit or arguing why these findings could benefit society and policy makers such as public health advisers to governmental bodies (or, conversely, arguing why these findings are largely irrelevant). As always, feel free to go over a page, but I don’t believe you can answer this question in less than a page adequately. A guideline is then to make your paper 1 page, double spaced with 1” margins, 11 or12 point font (times new roman or arial preferred). Please feel free to email me about this paper with specific questions.- joe...
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