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Reaction Paper due 10-20

Reaction Paper due 10-20 - Again how you go about answering...

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Reaction Paper due 10-20-09 @ 9am The last time we met, we went over several different theories of intelligence. Intelligence is a topic with broad social implications (individual differences in intelligence and the measurement of intelligence is one of the “hurdles” we all must jump in order to get into good schools and obtain good jobs) and, in part, defines us as people (perceptions of intelligence affect our self-esteem, self-concept and how we affiliate with others). For the coming week, the reaction paper will be about your beliefs regarding the different theories of intelligence. Pick two theories of intelligence we went over in recitation, in lecture or that are in the book and contrast them in terms of their personal and social implications. That is, which is more valid (in your opinion and/or based on what you’ve read). Furthermore, comment on which has the most benefit for yourself and society based on your personal values?
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Unformatted text preview: Again, how you go about answering this question is less a concern than the content and reasoned opinion reflected therein. A good response will spend time a] briefly introducing the differences between the theories, b] outlining your reasoned opinion in support of one theory or another (you will have to take sides on the issue), and c] relating these findings to your personal beliefs and values regarding intelligence (for instance, one could argue that the Spearman “g” theory is most valid in that it simplifies the intelligence domain – do we really need more than one intelligence?) As always, feel free to go over a page, but I don’t believe you can answer this question in less than a page adequately. A guideline is then to make your paper 1 page, double spaced with 1” margins, 11 or12 point font (times new roman or arial preferred). Please feel free to email me about this paper with specific questions.- joe...
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