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Reaction Paper due 11-30 - Reaction Paper due 9am Our most...

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Reaction Paper due 11-3-09 @ 9am Our most recent discussion in recitation focused on personality. Of the theories I mentioned, the most well supported and scientificially productive theory is the Big 5 trait approach (i.e., the one that contains: agreeableness, neuroticism, extraversion, openness and conscientiousness). Again, many personality theorists believe that based on these 5 traits your behavior can be—in large part—predicted. That is not to say that the situation is not important, and indeed many Big 5 researchers do admit to the power of social norms and influence on what a person does at any given point. However, the trait theory may not be the end all of personality. Your job for this reaction paper is to think about what traits “say” about people. Is it the case, from your experience or observation, that personality traits encompassed in the Big 5 can characterize people accurately? Furthermore, to what extent do such traits affect peoples' behavior? Does it vary (that is, are people of a similar “traitedness”
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