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SAMPLE QUESTIONS: EXAM 1 Use the following description for questions #1-4: A researcher wants to examine the effects of a new drug on people’s ability to function. He recruits a group of participants and randomly puts them into 2 groups. One group gets the actual drug, and another group gets a placebo. Neither group is told which people are getting the real drug. He then has everyone complete a basic math and reading test. When he compares the results of the two groups, he finds that the group that got the actual drug did much worse on the tests than the people who got the placebo. 1. The type of research design used in this example is: a) correlational c) experimental b) case study d) survey 2. The type of pill (drug vs. placebo) that participants get represents the: a) independent variable c) functional variable b) outcome variable d) dependent variable 3. People’s ability to function is the _________ variable, and performance on the tests is the __________ variable. a)
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