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Sample Questions 3 - Sample Questions Exam 3 1 What type of...

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Sample Questions: Exam 3 1. What type of information is included on Axis III in DSM-IV diagnoses? a) Primary mental disorders c) Mental retardation b) Psychosocial stressors d) Medical conditions 2. Jerry came into therapy complaining about feeling anxious all the time. In general, how would a psychodynamic therapist view Jerry’s problems? a) Jerry has some hidden unconscious thoughts that he needs to be made aware of. b) Jerry has gotten into a pattern of inaccurate thinking that needs to be changed. c) Jerry just needs to expose himself to whatever makes him anxious. d) Jerry needs to start taking antianxiety drugs. 3. Bill is brought to the emergency room after he was picked up by the police for soliciting a prostitute. He reports that he has been feeling “on top of the world” during the past several days. He tells you that he has only needed to sleep a few hours, and he has been engaging in lots of risky behaviors (e.g., driving very fast). What diagnosis is he most likely to receive?
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