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Answers to Sample Questions: Exam 3 1. d Axis III lists general medical conditions that could be relevant to a person’s disorder. 2. a No matter what the disorder, the psychodynamic perspective sees all symptoms as a manifestation of underlying, hidden unconscious thoughts or desires that are causing conflict and anxiety. Treatment always involves bringing those unconscious thoughts or desires into the conscious, to help the person gain insight. 3. c Decreased need for sleep, increased risk-taking behaviors (adventurous behavior, sexual promiscuity), and euphoric mood are all symptoms of mania, which is part of Bipolar Disorder. 4. b The actor/observer bias says that “actors” attribute their behavior to external causes, and “observers” attribute the behavior of others to internal causes. In choices c and d, the observer (you) attributes behavior to internal causes (other student is rude; other student
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Unformatted text preview: is shy), just like the theory says. In choice a, the actor (other student) attributes her behavior to external causes (the situation). In choice b, the actor (other student) attributes her behavior to an internal, stable cause (that’s me, and I am always like that) – this goes against the actor/observer bias. Remember, you have to choose which one is least likely to happen! (Whenever you get a question like this, it might be worth just writing down “yes” or “no” next to each choice, to be sure you answer it accordingly.) 5. b You started out with a huge request, then after the person said no, you scaled back to a smaller request (which was what you really wanted in the first place). That’s door-in-the-face....
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