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1. c Basic definitions of components of thought. 2. c This is the prototypical reaction of an anxious/ambivalently attached child. 3. d Legia’s reasoning is based on whether or not Juanita will get punished – that’s Preconventional level. Sam’s reasoning is based on overall moral principles, with understanding of all perspective – that’s Postconventional. 4. d The ego operates on the reality principle and balances the id and superego. When making decisions, it takes into account the id, the superego, and reality. 5. b (The red shirt causing excitement and happiness is the
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Unformatted text preview: learned relationship, so those are the conditioned stimulus and response.) 6. d (The conditioned response spreads to similar stimuli.) 7. a The basic tenet of the James-Lange theory is that physiological reactions come first, and trigger a realization of emotion. So don’t worry about where the cognitive part fits in – it doesn’t matter. Three choices (b, c, and d) all have the emotional realization come before the physiological reaction, so they are wrong. Choice a has it in the right order for this theory....
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