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Atomic Spectra Answer sheet Your Name:________________________________ Date______________________ Group members: ___________________________ Section____________________ __________________________________________ Turn in these pages to your instructor before you leave or submit on Blackboard depending on instructor’s preference. Turn in one set of pages per person. Parts I –III may be done as a group. Part IV, the unknown element, is to be individual and the questions at the end are to be your individual work. Write your name and the names of the people in your group in the space above. Part I: Diffusion grating glasses: Look at a variety of light sources and practice careful recording of your observations. Some suggested objects are the fluorescent lights above, an incandescent light (desk lamp), the computer screen, and sunlight (if available!)
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Part II: Calibration Before making measurements, you must calibrate your instrument. Note: Light is usually measured either in nm (nanometers) or Ǻ (Angstroms). A nanometer is 10 -9 m while an Angstrom is 10 -10 m. In this lab, record your values in nanometers. Not that you will see additional numbers (in the range of 1.7-3.4 ) on the top of the scale. You may ignore these numbers. The numbers that correspond to wavelength are on the bottom of the scale and are in the range of 350-750 nm. Instructions : Calibrate your spectrometer using the information on the top of the device and the fluorescent lights in the lab room. You will see a very faint continuous spectrum along with bright emission lines. You should see a bright green emission line at
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Atomic_spectra_answer_sheet_01-09-10 - Atomic Spectra...

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