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Answer sheet for Exoplanets and the search for life I. Finding exoplanets 1. Go to http://people.bridgewater.edu/~rbowman/ISAW/Transit-1.html and select one of the stars to investigate. If you know the approximate mass of your star project star select it. Follow through the entire simulation. At the end you will get a set of values for your star. a. Paste results for the characteristics of the star and planet you examined here. b. What did you find for the following? Probable temperature of the planet ________________ Planet in habitable zone?_________________________ Mass of planet from model 1______________________ Mass of planet from model 2______________________ 2. The list of planets orbiting other stars is growing rapidly. Finding an solar system like ours can’t be far off….or can it? Do the following exercise and record the answers on your answer sheet. a. Use the filters on the website to sort the listing of exoplanets at http://planetquest.jpl.nasa.gov/atlas/atlas_index.cfm and try to find a planetary system
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Extrasolar_Answer_Sheet_01-21-2010 - Answer sheet for...

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