Galaxy_Analysis_prelab_03-20-100 - Galactic Astronomy with...

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Galactic Astronomy with Citizen Scientists Pre-Lab Exercise After reading the material below answer the questions below in the submission box for the Galactic Astronomy Pre-Lab assignment on Blackboard. Astronomers use the Hubble Classification Scheme to classify galaxies based upon their shape. Read the introduction to this week’s lab as well as at least one of the following: PBS – Seeing in the Dark Wikipedia – Hubble Sequence *Note: There appears to be an error in the spirals section of the tuning fork diagram. When talking about the ages of stellar populations, astronomers sometimes use blue to refer to an area of new, young stars and red to refer to an area of older stars. 1. Based upon your knowledge of spectral classes from earlier in the semester, stars in which spectral class or classes appear blue? 2.
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Galaxy_Analysis_prelab_03-20-100 - Galactic Astronomy with...

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