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H-R diagram answer sheet Name_____________________________ Date_________________ Partners name______________________ Section_______________ _________________________________ This lab is group work except for an extensive conclusion which each individual will complete based on the star they have been assigned. Be sure to leave time for each person to complete the conclusion. Part I: Submit your graphs for part 1. Make sure all names are on the graph and that you have included all necessary labels and explanations. Part II: Star Temperature Spectral Class Absolute Magnitude Radius in meters Betelgeuse Deneb Rigel Canopus Vega Part III : Part IV: Answer the following questions for a one solar mass star. 1. Time labeled 0.5 should be labeled as ________________________ years and 1.0 should be ________________________________ years. Mass of star (in units of solar mass) Time to leave main sequence 1 2 5 12 25
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2. After what percentage of the star’s life do you begin to see changes in chemical
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Unformatted text preview: composition? 3. When H burning ends what else appears to happen? Five solar Mass Star 0.25 0.5 0.75 1.0 Star’s Lifetime ________________ Notes: Using the information above, work with your group to construct a comprehensive graph showing changes over time in the star’s central density, temperature, pressure, surface temperature, luminosity, etc. Use a key, the notes section above or other means to clarify what the graph means for a reader.Prepare the graph to turn in as a group. Individual Conclusion – post in submission box on Blackboard: A. Compare a one solar mass star to the 5 solar mass star, looking at what is different and what is the same. Pay particular attention to the places where things change…where H runs out in the core for example, or where radius changes abruptly. B. Do the same for a 25 solar mass star, again compare changes and similarities....
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H-R_Diagram_answer_sheet_02-23-10 - composition 3 When H...

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