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Name_______________________________ Date___________________________ Partner’s Name_______________________ Section_________________________ ____________________________________ Answer Sheet for Expansion of the Universe See the bottom of the answer sheet for some important values and relationships for this lab. Part I: Which galaxy field of the ones you looked at do you predict is the farthest away? ____________________________ Which do you predict is moving away with the highest velocity? _____________________________ Calcuate the values for distance and velocity using the spreadsheet, then graph the Hubble relationship. Insert your distance velocity plot for your galaxies (or your group’s galaxies) here: From your graph the value of the Hubble parameter is____________________(be sure to include appropriate units) Explain whether you think this is a reasonable value and why you think as you do. From your graph what would be the velocity of a galaxy 800 Mpc away?
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Hubble_Redshift_Answer_sheet_01-12-10 - Name_ Date_...

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