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Hubble_Redshift_Spreadsheet_01-12-10 - Note Calculate...

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Intensity Data and Distance Calculations: Remember that you must go into DIFFERENT fields for EACH measurement! Name of Galaxy Time of Photon Apparent Absolute Distance Distance Integration Count Magnitude Magnitude (pc) (Mpc) Galaxy Zoo galaxy NA NA Name of Galaxy km/s km/s km/s Galaxy Zoo galaxy Expansion of the Universe
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Unformatted text preview: Note: Calculate answers below in Column D. in km/s 2. 800 Mpc = in km in seconds 4. The age of the universe is in years λ m H ( A ) λ m k ( A ) λ H ( A ) λ k ( A ) V H V K V avg 1. Velocity of a galaxy 800 Mpc away = 3. The age of the universe is...
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