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Revised lab schedule: Sections that missed a lab due to closings the week of February 1 should use the 2 inch universe as a make-up lab for the atomic spectra lab. The stellar classification lab will be moved to the week of Feb. 15 and the variable stars lab will be dropped. The grading basis for all sections will be the average of the highest 9 out of 10 labs (80% of the final grade)and pre-labs average (10% of total) plus the practical exam (10% of total). Week of Lab Exercises, Quizzes and Project due dates 18 Jan Introduction to lab – 2 inch universe exercise You must attend the first lab meeting or risk being dropped. First attendance day for students in Monday labs is Jan 25. 25 Jan Lab 1: Solar rotation – star assignments made Atomic spectra pre-lab – find location of your star 1 Feb Lab 2: Atomic spectra lab and Star location activity Stellar classification lab – find classification for your star ***8 Feb Snow Days – all labs cancelled 15 Feb Lab 3: Stellar Classification lab
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Unformatted text preview: Hertzsprung-Russell pre-lab –locate your star on H-R diagram 22 Feb Lab 4: The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram lab Photoelectric Photometry of the Pleiades pre-lab – find magnitude of your star 1 Mar Lab 5: Photoelectric Photometry of the Pleiades lab Variable stars pre-lab - estimated lifetime of your star 8 – 14 Mar NO CLASSES – SPRING BREAK 15 Mar Lab 6: Variable stars lab Thermal emission pre-lab 22 Mar Lab 7: Thermal emission using Leslie’s Cube Radio Astronomy of Pulsars pre-lab -“death” of your star 29 Mar Lab 8: Radio Astronomy of Pulsars lab Galaxy Analysis pre-lab – mark position of your star in Milky Way 5 Apr Lab 9: Galaxy Analysis and Identification lab Hubble red-shift pre-lab 12 Apr Lab 10: Hubble red-shift lab Object X pre-lab 19 Apr Lab Practical Exam – Identifying Object X Extra solar planet pre-lab 26 Apr Lab 11: Extra-solar planet lab No Final exam is scheduled for this lab course...
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Revised_lab_schedule - Hertzsprung-Russell pre-lab...

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