Stars 219 Spring 2010

Stars 219 Spring 2010 - Knight Kerri A Capella Mammadov...

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Student Name Star Altmann, Bart N. Betelgeuse Boman, Stephen J. Sirius Brace, Matthew T. Pollux Carlos, Nikos T. Achemar Carter, Jasmine S. Procyon Duffy-Ledbetter, Lee P. Alnitak Galarza, Karolyn R. Electra Gomez Carrion, Erik G. Altair Green, Rachel T. Hadar Hess, Allison M. Hogeland, Justine A. Vega Hunter, Erica Wolf 359
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Unformatted text preview: Knight, Kerri A. Capella Mammadov, Farhad R. Rigel Kentaurus Merced, Paul M. Becrux Powell, Erin R. Canopus Tamaru, Michael K. Arcturus Throm, Benjamin D. Castor Van Sickle, Alexa S. Spica Vinnedge, Justin A. HR 6907 Sagittorii Wessell, Nicole E. Regulus White, Keon Sirius Wynham, Daniel T. Hadar...
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