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Name_________________________________ Date________________________ Group members _______________________ Section______________________ ______________________________________ Stellar classification answer sheet All parts but the conclusion question are group work. Submit the conclusion in the submission box on blackboard or attach to this answer sheet . Part I: Develop a stellar classification scheme and explain the elements you have included. Sketches will help you explain. 1. 2. List the reference numbers for the spectra in the order you placed them. ______________________________________________________________________ 3. Explain how astronomers have ordered spectra differently from how you did it. How do you think astronomers have sorted the spectra?
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Part II: 1. Classify the indicated unknown spectra and fill in the table below. Practice Classification Star reference number Observations Closest standard spectrum Estimate of spectral class HD 124320 HD 35619 HD 17647 BD+63 137 HD 5351
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Stellar_Classification_Answer_Sheet_01-09-10 - Name_ Group...

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