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Thermal Emission using Leslie’s Cube Report Guidelines (Group): You will not fill out an answer sheet today, rather you will document your investigation in a paper (probably two or at the most 3 pages including graphs and data tables). Some suggestions for the report are below. In your write up include the items below and any drawings or sketches that will help the reader understand what you have found. Your final report should not be a chronological outline of every step, but should clearly tell what you thought you would find, how you went about checking, and whether or not reality matched your prediction. You should be clear enough about how you did it so that someone else could do it just as you did and check to see if
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Unformatted text preview: they get the same results. • A description of the equipment used and how you used it. • Your initial predictions • The hypothesis you decided to test • The test procedure you devised • Your results (think about how to display them in a table and graph) • Comparison of your results to the prediction • Modification of hypothesis • Test procedure for the modified hypothesis You should allow about 45 minutes (more or less) to write up your results. Since you will being working in small groups be sure that all members participate in the experiment and in the work of writing up the lab. Your instructor may ask you rate each member of the group to evaluate participation....
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