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Unformatted text preview: Name________________________ Date________________________ Section______________________ Two Inch Universe Answer sheet Record your answers here, save the document on the desktop using your first initial and last name as in the example below for Anna Einstein : AEinstein_2_inch_universe.docx Attach it in the assignment drop box for the 2-inch universe by uploading it from the desktop. If you cannot upload you may need to close Blackboard and and open it again answering yes to each dialog box as you open Blackbaord. If your instructor prefers to have you sumbit a print copy you will need to save the document, then print it using the Innovation Hall printers which require payment with Mason Money. You will follow this procedure for all lab documents. It is also always a good idea to email yourself a copy of each lab answer sheet to have a record of your work in lab for future reference if needed. Realm of the Earth and Moon 1. Estimate of moons diameter _________________________ 2. Estimate of moons distance_________________________ Explain how these results compare to your estimates. Explain how these results compare to your estimates....
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Two_inch_universe_answer_sheet_01-09-10 -...

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