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Unformatted text preview: Wednesday Feb 3rd Wednesday explanation Pick up handouts please h: Announcement: Feb 15tth: Vision Series; Writing Center Writing Next: do not miss next class please * reading from blackboard * reading from Essays reading Essays * submit Preparation Notes for any of the three classes three today today EXPLANATION Milgram’s experiment Lessing’s article (class) Exercise (groups) Milgram’s experiment Lessing’s article (class) Exercise (groups) EXPLANATION EXPLANATION The act or process that makes The something clear, understandable or intelligible. Sometimes it assigns meaning and/or interprets facts, situations, or phenomena. situations, IN ORDER TO EXPLAIN SOMETHING, YOU MAY USE, for instance: YOU OBSERVATION OBSERVATION DESCRIPTION NARRATION ANALYSIS ANALYSIS COMPARISON ANALOGY EXAMPLE DIVISION THEORY AND CONTRAST AND CLASSIFICATION Examples from the disciplines Examples Write down an example of EXPLANATION in the main discipline of your major. Tell us what subject or phenomenon is likely to be explained and what techniques are used to do it. and For instance, in Psychology the formation of the Subject For Subject is primarily explained by observing, describing, and analyzing the process of separation between the mother analyzing and the child at very early developmental stages. and Topic of today’s class: Topic Obedience to authority Let’s read a section from “The Perils of Let’s Obedience” Obedience” and analyze “Group Minds” Stanley Milgram’s “The Perils of Obedience” Obedience” What What is the main point of the first paragraph? paragraph? What is the main idea of the second What paragraph? paragraph? What is the object of the experiment? Describe the experiment What was the chief finding of the What experiment? experiment? Doris Lessing’s “Group Minds” Doris What is Lessing’s thesis? What are Lessing’s main ideas? Identify a fact and an opinion. Identify a point and an example Identify of it. of Make connections and Make inferences. inferences. GROUP EXERCISE GROUP List three examples of contemporary List situations (everyday life, politics, religion) when we “blindly” obey authority. authority. Select and describe one situation. Select describe Explain its significance and implications using Milgram’s or Lessing’s ideas. Lessing’s What can be done in order to change What the situation? the THE END … THE ...
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