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Unformatted text preview: Friday feb. 5th Friday narration •Submit Preparation Notes please •NEXT: 1)write 1st draft of Personal 1)write Narrative, 2) review someone else’s draft 2) online, 3) write a 2nd draft of Personal 3) Narrative and submit everything on Briefly about EXPLANATION EXPLANATION The act or process that makes The something clear, understandable or intelligible. Sometimes it assigns meaning and/or interprets facts, situations, or phenomena. situations, IN ORDER TO EXPLAIN SOMETHING, YOU MAY USE, for instance: YOU OBSERVATION OBSERVATION DESCRIPTION NARRATION ANALYSIS ANALYSIS COMPARISON ANALOGY EXAMPLE DIVISION THEORY AND CONTRAST AND CLASSIFICATION narration narration A type of composition; type its purpose is to recount and reflect upon events. events. Two “types”: Emphasis Emphasis on narration (fiction, biography, autobiography) autobiography) Emphasis on a larger point the narrative Emphasis intends to make (essay, study) intends In academia … In writers look into their pasts for insight. writers Examples: • In a sociology course, students recall In sociology students their childhood communities; they pay close attention to the institutions (churches and schools) they attended and include their memories in a theory about institutional affiliation. institutional A psychology professor prompts psychology students to recall their early experiences with non-parental authority (such as teachers, extended family, and babysitters) and form a theory of authority based on those experiences. based In In a Western civilization course, Western students recall their early experiences with organized religion. They include their experiences in their collective examination of religious principles. of In the professions … In Doctors Doctors write clinical histories to diagnose health problems. health Psychologists use people’s stories to Psychologists understand a person’s behavioral patterns, emotions, and life choices. patterns, Lawyers … Can you come up with more examples? “Those who fail to learn the lessons Those of history are doomed to repeat them.” to George Santayana Writers looking into their pasts attempt to learn something new, to understand the importance of the moment, or to understand the significance of a situation. The hope is that the writer will situation The see more about the situation than he or she possibly could have seen in the past. she Memories do not, in themselves, teach us anything. We must create the lesson. We must look back at the past with a certain perspective: one of curiosity and possibility. Although we have lived through the past, we must entirely rediscover it if we are to learn. rediscover Our “personal Narrative” Our … is going to be a NARRATIVE ESSAY ESSAY which will relate a sequence of events that lead to a new knowledge or had a notable outcome. notable Your primary PURPOSE will be to Your reflect upon an experience that reflect changed your life. changed ESSAYS ESSAYS The point of the narrative … determines the selection of events, the amount of detail devoted to them, and their arrangement. arrangement. In other words… In The “lesson” in the narrative determines which parts of the story you will choose parts to recount to The amount of details you will include The amount when recounting the chosen events when How you will organize them How organize Potential Arrangements: Potential A straight chronological sequence where straight the last event is the most dramatic the The final event (a revelation) may come The final first first The entire story may be summarized first The and then analyzed and Flashbacks may recall events whose significance shed light on the “lesson” IN-CLASS WRITING: notes for narrative essay notes List some events, persons, objects, ideas that impacted your life significantly. that your list and choose one that choose may be the topic of your personal narrative, and briefly explain what about explain this person/ place/situation you would like to write about. to Re-read Re-read Briefly Briefly explain what happened, where did where this “story” take place, when, how, who when how were involved in it. were did you learn as a result of this circumstance? How did your life change? How How was it the same? What did you learn about your ideas/ideals, your view of the world, other people, life? world, What Which Which details in your story particularly details emphasize “the lesson” you learned or you emphasize you want your readers to learn? Describe one Describe important event. important can other people relate to this experience? Why would anyone care to relate to it? What is the significance of this event? Is this an experience others go event? through? What do other people learn from similar situations? similar How How NEXT NEXT Exchange e-mails with another student and agree on a time to send and receive each other’s essays other’s Write the first full draft of the narrative (Re-read the notes on blackboard or see this presentation again (especially if you “get stuck”) again E-mail your draft to a fellow student and review his/her his/her Read his/her comments and write your final draft “Salvation” by Langston Hughes Read Answer the questions Four questions: Four 1) 2) 3) 4) What is the main point of the narrative? What main What change occurs in him as a result of this experience? this What do you make of the title and the What first two sentences? What is Hughes first saying here about “salvation”? saying Where does Hughes insert explanations, Where summarizes or expands events? How do summarizes How these devices relate to his main point? these What does the language reveal about his What language adult attitudes toward his experience? Anger? Bitterness? Shame? Sorrow? Amusement? Guilt? What words and passages support your answer? passages ...
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