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ONLINE PEER REVIEW and FEEDBACK ON the PERSONAL NARRATIVE (Adapted from A Defazio) AUTHOR:____________________________________ TITLE:______________________________________ REVIEWER:___________________________________ Please give the writer some feedback based on the following prompts: 1. In your own words, what does this essay accomplish? 2. How is this essay organized? Are we given background information  (when, where?)? Is there any foreshadowing or hint of what is to come? Is 
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Unformatted text preview: there a flashback? 3. Are the paragraphs well-developed? Which need further development? 4. Does the essay contain adequate detail? Provide examples of the most vivid detail and suggest a place that might benefit from adding them. 5. What works well in this piece of writing and why? 6. What could be stronger in this piece of writing? Explain and provide some suggestions for improvement....
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