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REVERSE OUTLINE (Circle your thesis and exchange drafts with a fellow student) I. Read the paper from top to bottom . II. Re-read the paper paragraph by paragraph writing in the margins a sentence or a phrase that captures the main idea in each of them. III. , in your own words, the thesis of the paper. Compare it with that of the writer. IV. Under your thesis, write a list of the points you wrote in the margins and observe the following: a) Is the paper divided into readily identifiable major points in
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Unformatted text preview: support of the thesis? b) Is every main point properly developed and supported? c) Does each section lead logically into the next one? d) Do all sections develop the thesis? e) Does the paper have a clear structure? f) Does the paper contain concession/counterargument, in-text and final documentation of sources? Be alert to uneven development of ideas . Make suggestions as you go along....
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