3rd class - M onday Jan 25 Quiz Cr it ical r eading th Before we start … Before Any questions Any questions Put photographs inside the plastic

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Unformatted text preview: M onday, Jan 25 * Quiz * Cr it ical r eading th Before we start … Before Any questions? Any questions Put photographs inside the plastic envelop Put photographs please. please. Pick up handout for next class. Pick handout REMINDERS: a) Preparation Notes are due next class. a) b) There is NO CLASS on Friday 29th. quiz q uiz You need just a pen/pencil You pen/pencil Complete the information on top of the page Read each question more than once more Answer the questions specifically and clearly Answer specifically Please, make sure that your handwriting is readable readable You have 10 minutes You 10 Cr itical think ing Cr RECAP 1ST = PREVIEW THE MATERIAL … 2ND = READ THOROUGHLY … 3RD = EVALUATE Cr itical think ing Cr “5 M yths about Keeping Amer ica Safe fr om T er r or ism” A mer ___________________________________ ________________________ NOTICE MLA for titles of articles: “…” Today’s goals: to reach a critical to understanding of the text understanding to discuss the article and the to topic topic to write about the topic In-class writing In-class Take a couple of minutes to write Take about one point you agreed with one and to explain your reasons reasons Class work Class Identify and briefly comment on: comment - the title - the author - the context - audience - purpose Group work Group Select one person who will make sure that you address all points in 15 minutes address WORK ON ONE MYTH: 1) Restate the main point/s Restate 2) Identify a secondary point 3) Identify one fact and one opinion 4) Discuss the issue: What do you think about it and why? Do you agree/disagree with the and statements & opinions? Why? statements 5) Provide one counterargument. Class reconvenes Class ►►REPORT TO THE CLASS * Main point/s in the article * Your opinions and the counterargument ►►ASK A QUESTION OR MAKE A ASK COMMENT on another group’s COMMENT observations observations see you next class! see ...
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